A journey into the unknown – To the Islands of Africa

Over the Islands of Africa is a five-part documentary series following five internationally renowned photographers as they explore the islands. Rui travelled the West African island state of  Sao Tomé and Principe. The Portuguese discovered the two uninhabited islands more than 500 years ago and turned them into a gigantic production facility for cocoa and coffee. Thousands of slaves were brought here to carry out the hard work in the tropical heat. Today you can find fascinating landscapes and unprecedented insights into the life of the people who inhabit this tropical paradise that could have been created by Hollywood set designers. Rui explores the two fascinating islands tropical islands – on foot, by Jeep and with a propeller plane. Director Christian Schidlowski and his team accompany him on his journey. Following a short selection of the reportage.

client Filmquadrat

country Sao Tomé & Principe

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